Innovative Approach to Civic Education

The Liberty Day Institute strives to provide the highest-quality resources to help effectively introduce students to the U.S. Constitution and American government. Our redesigned Teacher Resource Suite will utilize cutting-edge technology to empower educators with innovative tools for their students’ educational achievement.

Interactive Programs on the Constitution

Our founding documents are one common feature that we, as Americans, all share which helps define our American heritage. By engaging community members in the classroom, we strive to instill pride and appreciation in our youth for the rights we are guaranteed and the political framework that has guided our history.

Ensuring Secure Student Information

At the Liberty Day Institute, we take the security of students’ personal information seriously. Participating class data is protected by state-of-the-art encryption, and all personally-identifiable information (name, email) for students is even inaccessible to the the Liberty Day Institute. All we can see are student usernames and results.

James Madison Initiative

James Madison Initiative

Our complete program! Foundations, businesses and/or organizations contribute for or purchase Institute materials for fifth grade classes at one or more elementary schools in their area or state. Materials are sent directly to the teachers for use in lessons. Elected officials, attorneys, college students, and others visit classrooms to review the Liberty Day curriculum with students after the teachers and parents have gone over it.

Student Field Trips

Student Field Trips

Ever wonder what it would be like for your kids to quiz college students or state legislators about the Constitution? That's what our invigorating Field Trip programs are all about! The Institute works with partners to plan a fun, interactive event where the students visit locations such as state capitols, post offices, universities, and municipal forums and quiz adults about what they have learned.

Be A Classroom Speaker

Be A Classroom Speaker

The Liberty Day Institute offers interested elected officials, attorneys, high school and college students, service club members, and others the chance to identify and arrange speaking opportunities to fifth grade classes throughout the country. We also provide educators with a unique opportunity to really bring the Constitution home to their students by connecting them with a classroom speaker.






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Message from the President

President and CEO
Liberty Day Institute

When Andy McKean founded Liberty Day and the Liberty Day Institute in 1996, we never anticipated the things we would accomplish.

Ben Franklin challenged us that we will have a republic only if we can keep it. But this great nation will be unable to heed his words if our citizens are not proactive in educating others—especially fifth graders learning about government, the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Independence Day for the first time.

I hope you will take a look at what our website has to offer and consider lending your help and support to the Liberty Day Institute and our shared mission of fulfilling Franklin’s call to keep the republic. [Read more »]

Jimmy Sengenberger

Constitution Education

Our Leadership Team

Jimmy Sengenberger President & CEO

Jimmy Sengenberger serves as the President, CEO, and Chairman of the Liberty Day Institute, overseeing our day-to-day operations and programs.

Eric Boyd Development Director

Eric Boyd is our Director of Development, which means he is responsible for overseeing fundraising and volunteer programs.