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The beauty of the Liberty Day Institute’s classroom speaker opportunities is simple: grade school kids normally don’t get to experience visits from outside speakers in the community. When an elected official, attorney, service club member, college student, or anyone else takes the time to talk to students, it adds value to the learning experience and really underscores for the kids the importance of the subject matter they’re learning about.

When a guest speaker instructs children, it means that not only is their teacher telling them about something from 230 years ago—they are also learning from someone else who cares deeply enough to come in and teach. Just 30 minutes to an hour with a community leader, like an attorney general or a mayor, or with a parent or an older high school student, can make a huge difference in the lives of kids.

Want to open up the hearts and minds of young people to what it means to be an American? Talk to them about your own passion and pride in the Constitution and the freedom it guarantees!

Past Successes

The Liberty Day Institute has had a range of exciting and successful experiences with partner individuals who have participated in our service projects as classroom speakers.

In 2013-2014, the Liberty Day Institute arranged with local schools in Colorado for the state’s Attorney General, Secretary of State, and State Treasurer, along with a bipartisan number of state legislators and U.S. Congressman Scott Tipton, to visit and speak with local fifth grade classes throughout our central state of Colorado. Other past speakers have included college students at Regis University, New Mexico AG Gary King, U.S. Congressman Frank Lucas (IA), Mayor David Casiano of Parker (CO), and City Councilman Edwin Peacock of Charlotte (NC).

We have orchestrated these and similar visits with community members of all levels—including attorneys, elected officials, and others over the years. It is consistently an enjoyable experience for all involved, and teachers just can’t wait to bring in a volunteer to talk to their students. Just read what the teachers and volunteers are saying!

“[The volunteer attorney] was awesome! Students really enjoyed a professional in the classroom.” –Vicki Collis, teacher

“My students were never so excited about the Constitution. The activity that we did with Mr. James was fabulous. He was engaging and interesting! We were very happy with his presentation, his positive approach, and flexibility.” –Jeff Davis, teacher

“I feel it enhanced student learning because it offered a real life connection. They were able to see (through the lawyer’s career work) why the constitution is important and why it makes the US unique.” –Erin Northen, attorney and the Liberty Day Institute volunteer

Open up the hearts and minds of kids to what it means to be an American. Get involved with Liberty Day’s Individual Volunteering service project today!

How It Works

When we work with others to open up the hearts and minds of kids to our nation’s foundations, we’re partners in the effort. The Liberty Day Institute knows that everyone we work with has a passion for this country and everything it has to offer. That is why we believe in forming and cultivating a partnership with you to make this project something you want to return to next year.

To help you along the way, the Liberty Day Institute provides classroom speakers with a customized version of our educator-approved Teacher’s Packet, which contains everything you need to know about the Liberty Day Institute curriculum, along with a multiple-choice worksheet to help assess the knowledge gained. Our curriculum is especially-designed to effectively introduce kids to our nation’s founding documents.

Liberty Day’s classroom volunteer service project is a wonderful, unique way to give back to your community by teaching young students about the foundations of this country.

Are you ready to make a real difference in the lives of kids by teaching them what it means to be an American? Contact Eric Boyd, Founder of the Liberty Day Institute, at or toll-free at 866-718-3434 today!

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