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A New Chapter for the Liberty Day Program

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Dear Friends of Civic Education:

Thank you for your interest in our materials.

As of August 1, 2019, the Liberty Day Institute has narrowed the focus of our Liberty Day in the Classroom program to center exclusively on Colorado 5th graders in tandem with a grant from the Daniels Fund.  As a result, after exhausting the Constitution Booklets and Resource Packets we had available for non-Colorado distribution, we are no longer able to fill any orders for either item. However:

If you are a Colorado 5th grade teacher, please email President Jimmy Sengenberger with a request for materials at and we can fulfill that for you.

If you are looking to purchase flag pins, Liberty Day Kids T-shirts, or Liberty Day Kids patches, we still have some available depending on the specifics.  P lease feel free to give us a call at our headquarters at 303-333-3434 or 866-718-3434 or email

If you are looking to request Colorado Constitution booklets and are NOT a Colorado 5th grade teacher, please feel free to contact our friends at Liberty Lives Forever, which is an independent organization run by Liberty Day Institute’s founder Andy McKean.  Their number is 303-989-4833 and email is  Please note that Liberty Lives Forever is currently unable to provide you with Resource Packets and access to our Liberty Day Kids website.

We apologize for any inconvenience as we embark on this narrower, Colorado-centric focus for Liberty Day in the Classroom.

Thank you for your interest in inspiring and educating our youth on America’s founding documents!


Jimmy Sengenberger
President and CEO
Liberty Day Institute

adminA New Chapter for the Liberty Day Program
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New Homepage Up!

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The Liberty Day Institute is excited to release our brand-new for the Institute’s classroom education programs.  Explore the site to learn more about our civic education programs!

adminNew Homepage Up!
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