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The Liberty Day Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to providing educators with the tools and resources they need to effectively teach the contents of the U.S. Constitution to their students. As a premier provider of educational materials on the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, we are your one-stop shop for the most essential things you need to introduce students to our nation’s founding documents!

That is why the Liberty Day Institute provides a Complete Educational Resource Package, a product developed with the help of teachers, university professors, curriculum leaders, and other partners in education.

This resource is expressly designed to give teachers a brief and simple yet complete lesson plan and an array of hands-on materials and extra background information with which to teach the United States Constitution. A $50 value – yours for the online price of just $25 per class!

The Liberty Day Institute’s Complete Educational Resource Package contains:

Liberty Day Institute Booklets

  • Complete text of the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution (25 copies)
  • 24 easy-to-tear, perforated Q&A flashcards in each book
  • For phone orders, ask about our reduced prices on additional books!

Teacher’s Packet and Online Resource Suite

  • Suggested teacher instructions
  • Four-page lesson plan
  • 24-question Multiple Choice quiz Teacher’s Copy
  • Diagrams of the Three Branches of Government
  • Exclusive Access Code to the all-new online Teacher Resource Suite found only at!
    • Evaluate your students’ knowledge gain through the 15-question online multiple choice quiz for use as a pre-test and post-test. Automatically calculates answers, grades quizzes, and displays the results for you to print out and enter into your gradebook!
    • Submit questions on the material directly to Liberty Day Institute for 24-hour weekday response.
    • Find answers to questions, along with other helpful content, through Backgrounders on the three branches of government and amendments, the lawmaking process, Constitution terminology, and much more.
    • Download and print fun, thought-provoking, and challenging Constitution Quests, in-class games and activities, for your students!
    • Easily share your activities and lesson plan ideas with others!

Complete Package Description

At the core of our package is still the signature Liberty Day Institute Constitution Booklet, a fun, hands-on learning tool for kids that’s “perfect for the students to take home and study. The students highlighted them and used them!” (Stacy Meade, 5th grade teacher)

Studies show that hands-on learning is one of the best methods for teaching complex concepts to kids. This pocket-sized booklet includes the complete text of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, along with 24 perforated Q&A flashcards on the contents of the Constitution. A single class set includes 25 copies of the Liberty Day Institute booklet.

For teachers, the Complete Educational Resource comes with the Liberty Day Institute Teacher’s Packet, a one-stop resource for educators. This packet consists primarily of a full lesson plan, helpful diagrams on the three branches of government, and exclusive access to the online Teacher Resource Suite (automated quiz, Backgrounders, Constitution Quests), found at

Complete sets – the booklets with Q&A flashcards, Teacher’s Packet, and online access – can be purchased at the online rate of just $25 plus shipping! (Available by phone at $28 flat price which includes shipping.)

Individual booklets are available at the low price of just $1.00 per copy, plus shipping and handling.

Click here to purchase your own copy of Liberty Day Institute’s exclusive Constitution Education Materials!

What Teachers Are Saying

“Absolutely! Fifth grade students love to learn in what I like to call ‘camouflage.’ They don’t realize they’re learning something new when it’s presented in a non-threatening, fun way. The kids loved the cards because we played a game [with them].” – Teri, Texas

“I received about six emails on Monday morning…I will just paraphrase them here: ‘My child came home from school eager to see how much my husband and I knew about the government. He decided to quiz us right at the table. I am embarrassed to admit that I knew much less than I should have known about our Constitution….He reveled in the fact that he knew so much more than I did.'” – Adrian, Colorado

“I found the US Constitution booklets to be very helpful and interesting to the students. They felt ownership and pride as they used them as their own. They especially liked the cards as they quizzed themselves and their peers. Thank you!” – Miranda, New Mexico

“They were great! It put the direct assessment in their hands and the page numbers where they could go back and look up the answers.” – Rhonda, Tennessee

“It is very nice to have the booklets, cards, and review quiz as a resource. I will definitely use them again when I teach the Revolutionary War.” – Jennifer, Texas

“It gave the students reference materials to refer to during our exploration of early U.S. government and the Constitution. The cards were great for partner quizzing.” – Erik, Colorado

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