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Who was James Madison?

Posted by Liberty Day Institute on September 08, 2014  /   Posted in Blog
Father of the Constitution, 4th POTUS, Patron Founding Father of the Liberty Day Institute

Father of the Constitution, 4th POTUS, Patron Founding Father of the Liberty Day Institute

James Madison, known as the Father of the Constitution, was born on March 16, 1751 in Port Conway, Virginia. This day has been nationally recognized as Liberty Day, from which the Liberty Day Institute gets its name and our official theme day.  Madison is the Institute’s “Patron Founding Father.”

A lawyer and Virginia state legislator, Madison grew deeply concerned about the failure and impending collapse of the Articles of Confederation, America’s first attempt at a united, national government.

As the Framers met at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Madison put forth the Virginia Plan, which recommended the use of population as the basis for representation in the legislature. He was instrumental in the design of three separate but equal branches of government and later in securing the ratification of the Constitution through the Federalist Papers, which he penned alongside fellow Founders Alexander Hamilton and John Jay. Madison was also the author of the Bill of Rights in 1791 and later served the nation as its fourth President from 1809-1817.

Because of his significant role in the creation of the Constitution, Madison has since garnered the title “Father of the Constitution,” though he modestly maintained that the designation is “a credit to which I have no claim… [The Constitution] ought to be regarded as the work of many heads and many hands.”

Nevertheless, the extremely influential role Madison played in the crafting and ratification of the Constitution inspired Andy McKean, founder of the Liberty Day Institute, to work toward officially establishing the day Liberty Day. It has since been recognized by state legislatures across the country and the United States Congress.

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Founded in Denver, Colorado, in 1996, the Liberty Day Institute empowers educators to teach the U.S. Constitution and American Government using our Complete Educational Resource package.

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  1. Joseph Cofield December 3, 2014 8:23 am / Reply

    Andy thanks for the hard work you started in 1996 to make this website; as well as making it possible to get thousands of Constitution booklets in the hands of the students. You are to be commended for your dedication to helping expanding the knowledge of the Constitution to our youth. I was thrilled when I learned that you received the ‘Medal of Honor’ from the NSDAR in 2004 for The Liberty Day program. I have learned recently that this is their highest award for patriotism. One can clearly see why The Liberty Day Institute is such a great organization. Thanks for all you do in helping to promote the United States Constitution.

    Joseph Cofield
    James Madison Fellow
    Naples, Florida 2007

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