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Frequently Asked Questions

Founded in 1996, the Liberty Day Institute is a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing teaching materials and resources on our nation’s Founding Documents to educators throughout the country. In addition to this Online Resource Suite, we provide pocket-sized copies of the U.S. Constitution, 27 Amendments, and Declaration of Independence. These booklets also include an index and a set of 24 questions and answers on flashcards perforated inside the book. To learn more about the Institute, visit our Who We Are page.

Your Access Code is an exclusive code that allows you to create a new Teacher Account. Your Class ID is what must be given to students in order to associate each Student Account with your individual class.

Your Class ID associates a Student Account with your Teacher Account. When you are ready to have your students create their own accounts using the Class ID, you will want them to logon directly Each student will need to input the same Class ID code provided to you on your Educator Dashboard.

Your teacher Access Code and Class ID are good for one year. After that, both your teacher and student accounts will expire.

Each individual class can hold up to 35 students total. You may need a different Access Code (and Class ID) depending on your individual circumstance.

If your Teacher Account or Access Code has expired, or you need to create an additional class, please contact the Liberty Day Institute at 1-866-718-3434 or place an order today.

From your Educator Dashboard you can preview the Liberty Day Kids site by logging into your Teacher Account and going to If you wish to create a student account yourself to test out the website, you must logout of your Teacher Account and create a separate Student Account at

When you are ready to have your students create their own Student Account, you will want them to logon directly Each student will need to input the following information: a unique Username, the Class ID found on your Educator Dashboard, and a unique Password.

We strongly recommend that as a teacher, you fill out this table with each unique Username and Passwords for your students. If a password is lost and needs to be changed, you will have to contact the Liberty Day Institute by emailing President Jimmy Sengenberger at

The Liberty Day Institute strictly asks all teachers to have their students create a Unique Username. This means that their Username should NOT include their actual names but something unique to them. No two students in the class can have the same Username. This assures that the only information the Institute has in our student database is the following: their Unique Username, their Password, and their School. Liberty Day Institute does not knowingly or intentionally collect names or other contact information from students.

This is a feature that we intend on developing in Version 3.0 of the ORS. The Liberty Day Kids/Student website does not currently enable students to view their quiz/worksheet/essay scores. These results are accessible through your Educator Dashboard.

Students are permitted to take the quiz or worksheet up to TWO times and the essay ONCE. The most recent score for a quiz or worksheet will be the only one to show up on the Progress Report, Quiz Results, and Worksheet Results pages.

This is another feature that is intended for the next iteration of the ORS. Currently it is only possible to view how individual students have performed on their quiz or worksheet.

Each student’s Progress Report displays their percentage scores on each of the existing activities (quiz, worksheet, and essay) as well as a cumulative “Liberty Day Grade.”

The Dashboard, as it is labeled on the Main Menu, is the same as the Educator Dashboard.

If you are interested in having a volunteer speak to your class about the Constitution, please contact Eric Boyd at the Liberty Day Institute by email at We will be happy to see what we can do!

The Liberty Day Institute offers an array of printable lesson plans, backgrounder essays, activities, essay assignments, and videos. You may find each of these items by visiting the Civics Categories page of our website.

Each content page has a blue button that says “Downloadable Resources.” Click that button to access any of our PDF resources.

Our team is happy to respond to any questions, concerns, or suggestions that you may have. You may do so by either clicking the “Ask Liberty Day” link on the Educator Dashboard or by going directly to the Ask Liberty Day page.