The Online Resource Suite

Liberty Day’s Online Resource Suite is an all-new, expansive addition to our updated Complete Educational Resource package on the U.S. Constitution—exclusively for educators! The purpose of this newly-redesigned, enhanced website is to provide teachers exclusive access to an array of informational and activity-based documents, online games and activities, and various ways of assessing student knowledge gain on the Constitution in an interactive way.

This site is largely the result of a collaborative effort with all sorts of people in the know about the Constitution: Members of Congress, college professors, teachers (elementary, middle, and high), attorneys, and Liberty Day’s own experts, among others.

Our goal is to help educators like you do what you do best: prepare your students for the future. The objective of the Online Resource Suite is to give you tools with which to become more knowledgeable about American government and to introduce your students to the contents of the Constitution. Our resources are designed to provide schools with materials that can serve as an entire curriculum or provide a few hours of education.

Since Liberty Day has long focused our programs on the fifth grade, many of the activities and games posted on this site are designed with fifth graders in mind. However, many of our resources—and especially the backgrounders—are intended to be helpful for teachers at every grade level fourth grade and above.

This Resource Suite offers resources and activities on American History and Government Structure, How a Bill Becomes a Law, and the 27 Amendments, in addition to a page devoted entirely to printable games and activities for your students. Here is what this website has to offer:

  • American History and Government Structure

    This section is focused on giving background material on the Revolutionary War, the Articles of Confederation, and the U.S. Constitution. In addition, it also includes Backgrounders on the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, the separation of powers, and checks and balances. Printable activities on these topics are also available.

  • How a Bill Becomes a Law

    This section of the website provides access to informational PDFs on the lawmaking process that go beyond the basic process. It will eventually include Constitution Backgrounders written by Members of Congress themselves exploring things like the committee process.

  • The Amendments

    This page is devoted entirely to the 27 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. As you will notice from the Q&A flashcards, Liberty Day focuses our materials on several key amendments. This section explores those amendments, as well as a few others, in greater detail, including history and legal concepts. Also available are Constitution Quests for your students.

  • Constitution Quests

    Constitution Quests are games and activities that are available to be printed off for use by your students as part of an encompassing lesson plan. Each of the above sections contains Constitution Quests devoted to a specific area of study. This section has all of those, but it also includes a number of additional games and activities that aren’t geared toward particular topics. Interactive, web-based Constitution Quests are also found in Liberty Day Kids Central, discussed below.

  • Liberty Day Kids Central

    Have you ever thought about what it would be like to set your students up with a number of interactive games and activities online and be able to simply and efficiently track their progress? Liberty Day Kids Central—the student portion of our Online Resource Suite—is designed to do just that, while teaching students in “camouflage.” Kids Central has an array of quizzes, games, activities, videos, and other resources that students can utilize both in and out of the classroom, whether it is on Windows PC, a Mac, a Chromebook, or a tablet. But the unique thing about this website is that, with everything the students do that involves questions and answers, the results will immediately and automatically be calculated and submitted to your Educator Dashboard. There you can view, print, and submit to Liberty Day your students’ results for quick and simple grading.

  • Evaluation Survey

    As a nonprofit we are devoted entirely to providing educators with effective materials and resources to help you teach your students about the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and American history. Because of our purpose, we truly want to know what you think. Over the years, teacher input has made us better equipped to provide them with adequate services and tools on the Constitution. The Evaluation Survey is designed so that you can answer a few simple questions about your experience so that we can know what you thought and figure out ways to improve what we offer.

Constitution Backgrounders and Quests

Two of the most essential components of this website consist of Constitution Backgrounders and Constitution Quests.

  • Constitution Backgrounders

    Constitution Backgrounders are PDF documents intended solely to provide you, the educator, with additional background information on different topics. Each Backgrounder presents a brief, but in-depth, look at a particular component of the Constitution or American history, such as the 14th Amendment, a Fair Trial, and the Articles of Confederation. They are divided into three categories: American Government Structure/History, the Lawmaking Process, and the Amendments, as described above.

    Liberty Day’s Constitution Backgrounders bring together an eclectic group of individuals who have extensive knowledge, experience, and/or expertise on American government. Backgrounders appearing on this website have been provided by Members of Congress and the U.S. Senate, college professors, attorneys, Liberty Day experts, and others. As such, they are applicable to teachers from all grade levels from 4th through 12th.

  • Constitution Quests

    Constitution Quests are fairly straightforward. We know from years of experience that teachers are always looking for games and activities to do with their students. Liberty Day makes many of these available to you, developed by our experienced staff, teachers, and in some cases students.

    Constitution Quests include word puzzles (word search, crossword puzzle), worksheets (matching), games (such as a Memory Game), activities (such as a Lawmaking activity), and much more. Each activity is available in PDF form for you to freely print out and make copies of and pass out to your students. Many are also available in web-based form on the Liberty Day Kids Central page. Each game and activity is marked with the appropriate grade level.

Your Feedback and Ideas are Important!

Along with the Evaluation Survey page, we also provide an opportunity on the home page of this site for teachers to offer ideas and suggestions or to ask questions for 48-hour weekday response. Liberty Day strongly encourages you to take advantage of this chance to get answers to burning questions that you can’t find elsewhere on the site, or to share with us best practices for lessons and activities you would like to share with other teachers.

In particular, we are always looking for thoughts, ideas, and suggestions on how to improve the Online Resource Suite. If you have an activity, a game, or a lesson plan that you would like to share with other teachers, or have an idea for something Liberty Day could do, we would love to hear it! Please visit the Home Page of this site and type in your comment underneath “Feedback.”